Otoplasty is typically used to reduce the size of the ear or reposition the ears closer to the head.
Enhance your ear shape and appearance with expert otoplasty surgery in Kenya. Our skilled surgeons provide safe and effective procedures.

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About Otoplasty

Also known as ear shaping or ear pinning, otoplasty refers to the alteration of the size or shape of the ears. Patients seek otoplasty largely for aesthetic concerns. This includes ears that are protruding too far outward from the head.

Another common concern is the proportion of the ears in comparison to the rest of the head, including ears that are too large or too small.

Some patients struggle with “lop ear,” when the top of the ear folds downward or inward. Other patients have what is called a “shell ear,” in which there is no outer curve in the cartilage of their ear.

All of these are issues that can be addressed by an otoplasty here at the AJ Plastic Surgery Centre.

Patients may also seek otoplasty after one ear has been affected by a medical condition or injury. It could be that cancer or another issue has led to the partial removal of one ear, leaving the ears asymmetrical. 

Enhance your ear shape and appearance with expert otoplasty surgery in Kenya. Our skilled surgeons provide safe and effective procedures.

This is also true of ears that have been affected by trauma or a physical injury. In these cases, otoplasty can restore a more normal appearance to the ears.

While otoplasty procedures are most often performed on pediatric patients, it is not too late to seek this treatment in adulthood. Adult patients who are unhappy with the way their ears look can have an otoplasty performed at any age.


Updated on Wednesday, April 26, 2023.

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