Liposuction or "lipo," removes fat from areas that do not respond to diet and exercise. These areas include the abdomen, hips, thighs, neck, arms, back, knees, calves, and ankles.
Achieve a slimmer, toned figure with expert liposuction in Kenya. Our skilled surgeons provide safe and effective treatments.

Our board-certified surgeons at AJ Plastic Surgery Centre pride themselves on a commitment to patient satisfaction. They go above and beyond to ensure that your cosmetic procedure is the perfect fit for your unique needs.

About Liposuction Procedure

Liposuction removes fat from areas that do not respond to diet and exercise. These areas include the abdomen, hips, thighs, neck, arms, back, thighs, knees, calves and ankles. Liposuction is also a surgical technique that is used to perform the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

This procedure must be performed skillfully, technically precise, and must shape the body with gentle curves and blend into surrounding areas seamlessly. We have performed many liposuction cases here at AJ Plastic Surgery Centre. We treat every patient as an individual with different problem areas and different goals. We will take the time to listen to your specific concerns and develop a customized plan for you.

Many of our patients use lipo as a kickstart towards a healthier lifestyle.

This procedure is most successful in people with good skin tone who have fatty deposits. We want to emphasize that lipo is not a treatment for obesity. If weight gain occurs following liposuction, each fat cell left behind will get bigger and you will get bigger everywhere. The good thing is that if you continue to diet and exercise after surgery – each fat cell will get smaller so you will get an even better result in the areas you’ve had liposuction. 


Achieve a slimmer, toned figure with expert liposuction in Kenya. Our skilled surgeons provide safe and effective treatments.

Almost all of our patients lost weight after their surgery because they felt better about themselves and were more motivated to stay healthy. To maintain the safety of the procedure, there is a limit on how much can be done at one time.

For proper blending and for natural body contouring, often lipo 360 is performed. Lipo 360 involves liposuction of the abdomen, hips, flanks, and back so they naturally blend into each other and the surrounding areas. It is often combined with fat grafting.



Your body genetically has a certain number of fat cells deposited in particular areas. Some people are just born with more fat cells in their abdomen, flanks, inner thighs and no matter what they do, they just can’t lose the fat there. Liposuction removes the total number of fat cells that has preferentially deposited in these areas. If you gain weight, each fat cell in the body gets bigger, but because you have fewer fat cells in liposuctioned areas, you should proportionately gain less in the liposuctioned areas.

It is always a possibility that if you gain a lot of weight, you may need liposuction again.

Liposuction is not a treatment for obesity or a substitute for diet and exercise. It is for re-shaping the body to treat areas that have a dis-proportionate amount of fat. Liposuction is ideally designed for pockets of fat in isolated areas that do not respond to diet and exercise.

We always tell our patients to start with diet and exercise and to maintain a stable weight before undergoing liposuction. However, having liposuction often motivates patients who look better in their leggings or workout clothes, to begin a healthier lifestyle, and many people lose even more weight after their procedure.


We would say that the ideal candidate for liposuction is someone who is of healthy height and weight with small pockets of fat that they just can’t lose despite diet and exercise. As long as there are a few centimeters of fat present in an area, it can be removed.

Many of AJ Plastic Surgery Centre patients are very fit bikini models who don’t like the extra fat bulge or shape of their inner or outer thigh or feel that they have a “muffin top” making their waistline bigger than desired.

Liposuction is ideal for this type of re-shaping. In general, if you’re unsure, it’s best to see a plastic surgeon in consultation to evaluate your particular anatomy and decide if you are a candidate for liposuction.


At AJ Plastic Surgery Centre, we perform liposuction in a way where all areas blend naturally into the surrounding areas. It doesn’t prevent fat loss.

We would recommend you schedule a consultation where our surgeon consultants can have an in-depth discussion about this and all of your questions.


The liposuction cannulas make tiny tracks as they remove fat. At AJ Plastic Surgery Centre, we tell patients to imagine a sponge with small holes. The compression garments help squeeze all the fluid and tissues down to allow for a smooth flat thin contour.

They are sometimes cumbersome to wear, but worth it to have the best possible outcome. One of our celebrity liposuction patients who had to do several red-carpet events soon after their surgery found some compression garments that give a nice smooth contour under clothing. We now use these often for our patients, so the garments are less obvious under clothing.


Any surgical procedure has risks of anesthesia, risks of getting a blood clot, and a number of other complications. Many of the serious complications from liposuction in the past involved cardiac reactions to the local anesthesia injected in the body before the procedure.

Also, procedures involving large volumes of liposuction (> 5L) resulted in fluid shifts that caused cardiac and respiratory problems. These occurrences are now quite rare.

A safe, well-trained surgeons will carefully calculate and keep track of the amount of local anesthesia used as well as the amount of liposuction removed. A partnership and good communication with the anesthesiologist will help to ensure the safest conditions possible.


We know exactly what you are talking about – we can spot bad liposuction a mile away. There is always the possibility of asymmetry, skin dents, wrinkling, or folding.

However, experienced liposuction surgeons like ours should be able to avoid most of these things from happening. Most of the really bad liposuction results often come from over suctioning the fat causing the skin to stick unnaturally to the underlying structures.

At AJ Plastic Surgery Centre, we always tell patients that we have to leave a small cushion of fat under the skin to keep this from happening. We do the majority of the fat removal through surgery, and they do the rest with diet and exercise.


Soft sculpt is just a marketing term. From what we understand, it’s just liposuction performed awake with only local anesthesia. This can actually be more dangerous since you have to use much more lidocaine (numbing medicine).

The times there have been deaths from liposuction have been from too much numbing – lidocaine toxicity. The vibrating cannula they describe is just a PAL system that most surgeons use. At AJ Plastic Surgery Centre, we have developed a gentle multi-phase technique that is even less traumatic and creates smooth and natural results.


Updated on Monday, April 29, 2024.

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