Lip Lift

A lip lift is a plastic surgery procedure that reduces the space between the nose and upper lip.
Enhance your lip shape and appearance with expert lip lift surgery in Kenya. Our skilled surgeons provide safe and effective procedures.

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What is Lip Lift?

The patch of skin between the nose and the top of the lip is called the philtrum. A lip lift removes some of this skin area, bringing the lip up to reveal more of the tissue of the upper lip. If you place your finger in this space and pull just a bit, you can see how this procedure shows more of the upper lip.

Patients seek a lip lift for aesthetic reasons. These can include the desire for fuller lips, to create a more prominent lip line, and to reduce the fine lines of the upper lip. While lip injections and fillers can provide temporary fuller lips, a lip lift is a permanent change to a patient’s appearance that does not require frequent upkeep.

As we age, the skin becomes more lax, and bone loss can cause the lips to roll inward, giving the appearance of thinner lips. A lip lift can help minimize these effects of aging in a way that facial procedures like a facelift don’t address. This procedure can also be beneficial if a patient feels like there is too much space between the upper lip and the nose or they want more “pout” to their upper lip.

Enhance your lip shape and appearance with expert lip lift surgery in Kenya. Our skilled surgeons provide safe and effective procedures.

Updated on Saturday, April 29, 2023.

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